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SMC News

Sepulvado, Maldonado & Couret (“SMC”) strives to provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to date advise to its clients that relates to their individual needs. As part of this commitment, SMC wants to establish a reliable digital platform that serves as a management tool for its current and future clients and allows the firm to proactively incorporate them in their counseling. This will enable the creation of a dynamic strategic process that could prevent controversies and/or impact their fast resolution.

SMC will be publishing a series of articles related to proposed bills, new legislation, Supreme Court opinions, and current events, among other topics, that could impose additional obligations to the private business sector and/or impact the employer-employee relationship.

Up-to-Date Information that Could Impact Private Employers’ Obligations

SMC is committed to help its clients anticipate and prepare for future obligations in a way that will not disrupt the functioning of their normal business operations.

By staying abreast of court decisions, current events of legal significance, proposed bills and new legislation in the Puerto Rico, state legislatures and U.S. Congress, SMC can study and analyze trends and possible effects and responsibilities that may affect private employers.

This series of articles will summarize proposed bills, new laws, court decisions and/or global current events that may impact, modify, eliminate and/or create obligations for private sector employers. Some of the legislative information may be directly gathered from the electronic platform SUTRA, Sistema Único de Trámite Legislativo, provided by the Legislative Services Office in Puerto Rico and the webpage congress.gov. We will update their status as needed.

These summaries are not intended to provide legal counseling or advice. If you have any questions about the proposed bills and/or the impact they may cause to your company, feel free to contact us at your convenience at (787) 765-5656.