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P.R. House of Representatives Bill 1486

On March 12, 2018, representative José E. Torres Zamora introduced H.R.1486 to amend section (a) of Article 1 and section (a) of Article 2 of Act No. 115-1991, as amended. The House of Representatives read this bill for the first time on March 13, 2018.

Act No. 115-1991 protects public and private employees from acts of retaliation by their employers for giving or trying to give testimony before a legislative, administrative or judicial forum or in any internal procedure established by the employer.

The proposed amendment to section (a) of Article 1 of Act No. 115-1991 is to establish that the term “employee” includes any employee, without distinction of the nature of their job position or classification, or that they were recruited without a determined period of employment or with a specified period of employment.

The amendment to section (a) of Article 2 is to clarify that the employee’s testimony can be verbal or in writing.

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