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P.R. House of Representatives Bill 1482

Updated: Feb 3

To create the “Law of Liability for Contaminated Food”

On March 6, 2018, representative Denis Marquez Lebrón introduced H.R.1482 to create the “Law of Liability for Contaminated Food”.

If enacted, this bill will establish as a public policy of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico a strict product liability doctrine for damages caused by food defective products.

Article 3 of H.R. Bill 1482 states that any person that causes damages to another through the fabrication, manufacture, distribution or sale of a contaminated food product will be obliged to repair such damages, even when said defect/contamination was not caused by human intervention.

In other words, if this bill is approved, a defective product under the doctrine of strict product liability will include contaminated food products that cause damages to a person, even if such defect/contamination of the food product is caused by natural causes.

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