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P.R. House of Representatives Bill 1977

Updated: Feb 3

On February 13, 2019, representative Denis Márquez Lebrón introduced H.R. Bill 1977 to amend Article 8 of Act No. 80 of May 30, 1976, as amended, (“Act No. 80”) to reduce the probationary period of every employee to a three-month term.

The proposed bill establishes that for a probationary period to be valid it must be in writing and specifically state the commencement and finish date of the probationary period, which must not exceed three months. Such probationary contract must be completed before the employee commences to render services for the employer. If such contract is signed after the employee begins to work, it will be deemed illegal and void. Also, if an employee continues to render services after the three-month term it will acquire all the rights of an employee hired without term.

In addition, the proposed bill also states that when a temporary employee is hired to continue working for the same employer, said employer must credit the time worked as a temporary employee as long as the position the employee will occupy carries the same functions and duties of the position he or she held as a temporary employee.

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